There is actually an even better tool for running Elm programs online and its name is Ellie. It’s more powerful than the Try Elm site. In addition to running simple programs, Ellie allows us to add Elm packages, work through compiler errors, and share our code with others.

Let’s give it a try. Copy everything in the HomePage.elm file including the first line that defines the module and paste it in the Elm area. After that, click the compile button. You should see our home page again on the right side.

Unlike the Try Elm site, Ellie doesn’t create a module of its own behind the scenes. That’s why we didn’t have to remove the first line.

Both Try Elm site and Ellie are good for trying a one-off experimental code. As of this writing, they don’t provide a robust environment required for professional web application development. Hopefully, someday they will. One of the most painful things about being a programmer is having to install a gazillion tools that constantly conflict with each other creating a hellish environment that our tender soul can’t simply cope with. So if we could build beautiful applications in Elm right from a browser, we could be much happier. Let’s hope that day will be here soon.

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