Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will find this book and other contents on the site (coming soon) helpful for learning Elm — a delightful programming language for building robust front-end web applications.

I first discovered Elm when I listened to a Functional Geekery podcast episode featuring Richard Feldman and Tessa Kelly. When I heard Tessa mention that it’s almost impossible to have runtime errors in Elm, I was intrigued. None of the languages I have worked with during my fifteen years as a programmer offered such a guarantee, so I started experimenting with Elm. To my delight, I not only found Tessa’s claim to be true, but also really enjoyed writing code in Elm.

Although it’s been more than seven years since Elm was created, it hadn’t caught most front-end web developers’ attention until recently. More and more programmers are experimenting with the language and using it in production. They are also sharing what they have learned with the ever-growing community.

I, too, am constantly learning new things about Elm on a daily basis. This book is an attempt to distill my understanding of Elm thus far. I will continue to update the material in this book as I gain more insight into the language and Elm ecosystem in general.

With that, I would like to invite you to join me on a wonderful journey into learning a very friendly yet extremely practical language.