About the Author

Pawan Poudel has been programming for more than fifteen years. Although his first encounter with programming was with GW-BASIC when he was in eighth grade, it wasn’t until he discovered C in college that he really started to enjoy programming. Since then, he has programmed in C++, Java, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.

Before moving into web development, Pawan spent more than five years honing his mobile development skills building iOS apps. He’s committed to delivering robust software by applying good development patterns and practices. Lately, he has been spending enormous amount of time learning functional programming languages, mainly Elm and Haskell.

Pawan believes computer programming is an art and a science, and has deep respect for both the theoretical and the practical applications of it. He feels just as comfortable hunting obscure UI bugs as he does implementing sophisticated algorithms. He feels happiest when he gets to share what he has learned with others. He has a masters degree in computer science from Miami University.

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